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Responsible Adult Course

The Online Responsible Adult Course is a 20 hour training that qualifies job seekers to work with children in BC. With our course you get:

  • Free Course Preview
  • Certificate Delivered Immediately
  • Sponsorship by WorkBC
  • Qualification to Work as a Child Care Assistant
  • Self-Paced Training, No Time Limit, Start When you Like
  • Call or Email Anytime with Questions
  • Take exam as Many Times as You Need to Pass
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

This course covers basic concepts about child development from birth to 12 years of age, child guidance, health, safety and nutrition.

The government of British Columbia has now mandated Responsible Adult Course training for all individuals working with children.

This Online Responsible Adult course meets the BC Child Care Licensing Act requirements and qualifies job seekers to work with children in BC.

Newcomers to Canada

Our Responsible Adult Course helps newcomers to Canada find work. There is a high demand for child care workers in Canada due to a retiring workforce, and Covid-19 requirements for smaller group gatherings.

Our course can be taken online, in over 100 languages, and is sponsored by WorkBC, so you don't have to pay for the training yourself if you are an active job-seeker.

Contact your local WorkBC employment centre directly to make an appointment with a job coach. They can help you apply for funding. Also, many settlement agencies can help with finding job vacancies, updating your resume, writing cover letters, preparing for interviews and understanding what Canadian employers are looking for.

The Canada Job Bank is an excellent resource for finding work as a Responsible Adult. Use the keywords "responsible adult", or "childcare assistant" when conducting your job search to find positions you will qualify for.

Please visit this link to learn about Top 10 Tips to Get Work in Canada 2021.

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WorkBC Funding

Our Online Responsible Adult Course is sponsored by WorkBC. This means government funding may be available through local employment centres to take this course. Applicants must be active job seekers and apply to be clients of their local employment centre.

responsible adult course

"The Responsible Adult Course BC is easy to access! As a result our WorkBC centre has purchased seats for our clients.

During the training Head Start is always supportive and responsive! Most importantly there is real-time support for our students.

Head Start our go-to for Responsible Adult training!"

Angela Williams
Centre Manager
WorkBC Maple Ridge

The Responsible Adult Course is Available in over 100 Languages

Just right click on any course page and choose your language. Watch video to find out how

Responsible Adult Course Testimonial

"This online course is very informative and easy to follow. I like the Quiz in each section at the end to review what I’ve learned. Also, I can learn this both in English & my first language which is very helpful to understand.

I strongly recommend this course to everyone include whose English as a second language."
Yumi Y.

Responsible Adult Course

"I am enjoying to take Responsible adult course I found a lot of interesting information and easy way to go throughout tests. Also I can read all materials in my original language. It’s amazing!"

Svitlana Rozum

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Responsible Adult Course Curriculum

Course Curriculum

Student Testimonials

Online Responsible Adult Course

I found the online Responsible Adult Course to be extremely educational. Mariah was a great teacher as she replied straight away to questions I had. Consequently I have recommended her to several people!

Thanks so much!

Leah Nicole

Train to be a Responsible Adult

My name is Angelina, I took the responsible adult course with Head Start Online School.
The course was extremely easy to get started, and you can do it all on your own pace which I loved. I learned so much from doing this course, I strongly recommend it!

Angelina Robson

“The Responsible Adult Online Course was very easy to understand, and taught what skills a responsible adult should aquire.
After getting the certification, I was able to find a job at a daycare!”

Katie Suen

Employment Possibilities

  • School Age Group Child Care (licensed)
  • Occasional Child Care Facility (licensed)
  • As a replacement or a substitute/casual on call for Early Childhood Education Assistants in Licensed Group Child Care Centres or Preschools
  • Casual family Drop-In Programs, Family Child Care Assistants or other related positions
  • Starting a Family Day Care Centre
  • Nanny or Babysitting

Tip - Try posting your resume on Canadian job sites to apply for jobs. For newcomers to Canada, it’s important to check job descriptions to see if the employer is accepting foreign applications. Some job sites like Workopolis have foreign worker search sections with jobs for workers outside of Canada.

Head Start Online School

"I found the online Responsible Adult Course thorough and easy to follow. I received my certificate right away and was able to find employment the following day. This was convenient and affordable. Would recommend to everyone."

Shannon Holt

Responsible Adult Course - Certification Training for Working with Children

We offer a 30 day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on our Online Responsible Adult Course.
If for any reason you are not happy with the training, we will refund you fully for your purchase. Please note, certificate of completion will not be issued for refunded courses. Completed courses are not eligible for refunds.

More Student Testimonials

I am so grateful for Head Start Online School. Everything was so easy to set up. The course was clear and to the point. They have great support for you along the way. I felt confident in my new job after completing my course with Head Start!

Catherine Toth

"I took this course to become a daycare substitute. The course was straightforward and very informative. I was extremely pleased with how easy it was to follow. And the testing process was easy.

Most importantly I had a question for the instructor and she got back to me within the same day. I cannot recommend this business enough!"

Crystal-Lynn Copley

"Head Start Online School allowed me to get certification on my own time and while working. Excellent customer service, enrollment is easy and the course content is excellent! Highly recommend. Thank you for a great experience!"

Alexandra C.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Responsible Adult?
The BC Child Care Licensing Regulation defines a Responsible Adult as a person who is qualified to act as a responsible adult under section 29 which requires a responsible adult to: be at least 19 years of age be able to provide care and mature guidance to children have completed a course, or a combination of courses, of at least 20 hours duration in child development, guidance, health and safety or nutrition, and have relevant work experience.
Who Can Work as a Responsible Adult?
A responsible adult is a person who is 19 years of age, has completed at least 20 hours of training, has experience working with children, and can provide care and mature guidance to children.
Why Does a Responsible Adult Need Training?
It is important that people who work with children have current training so that children who attend a licensed child care facility receive the best possible care and have a healthy start to life.
What Sort of Training is Needed to Qualify as a Responsible Adult?
Section 29 of the BC Child Care Licensing Regulation requires at least 20 hours of training in the subject area of child development, guidance, health and safety or nutrition.
Does Responsible Adult Training Have to be a College or University course?
No; individuals may be trained in a variety of ways – online, in workshops, conferences, seminars or classes offered through local recreation centres, or through working with an experienced child care provider who can share knowledge and skills. Head Start Online Schools’ online Responsible Adult Course is 20 hours in length, meets the BC Child Care Licensing requirements, and is in the process of being accredited.
Do I Need to Renew the Responsible Adult Course Training at Any Point?
No, the 20 hour Responsible Adult Course is a one-time requirement. However, continuing to update skills and knowledge enhances an individuals ability to provide quality care to individuals.
Can a Person Work as a Responsible Adult Before They Have Completed the Responsible Adult Course?
Yes, it may be possible; however, licensees must discuss this with a licensing officer to ensure understanding and compliance with the Act and regulation. A licensee should develop a training schedule and help staff plan to meet this requirement.
Who Can I Contact For More Information?
Call Head Start Online School at 604-426-1243 or email [email protected] You can also contact the local health authority community care licensing program and speak with a licensing officer.
When Does the Responsible Adult Course Begin?
Head Start Online School’s online Responsible Adult Course is self-paced. This means the course begins when you are ready to login, and you complete the course after you have gone through all the lessons. There are no set dates, no time limits, and you have lifetime access to the training materials.
What Should I Know About the Final Exam?
The final exam for the Responsible Adult Course is open book, meaning you are allowed to reference the course materials when answering the questions. The exam is multiple choice and students require a 70% grade to pass. Students can re-take the exam as many times as they need to pass. There are no exam fees or certificate fees.
When Will I Receive my Responsible Adult Course Certificate?
Certificates of completion are emailed to students immediately after completing the final exam. If you have not received your certificate, please email us, and we will send you your certificate asap!
How do I Select Another Language for the Responsible Adult Course?
Head Start Online School’s online Responsible Adult Course is available in over 100 languages using Google Chrome as your browser. Right-click on the course content, and you will see a translate option. Click on that, you will be able to select your language from the drop down menu. If you don’t see your language listed, email us – we can add your language to the translate option.